Adding Contacts and Beneficiaries

If you have access to your profile information (under the My Info tab on the main menu), you may be able to add your primary contacts and beneficiaries, which your HR department uses in case of an emergency when they cannot reach you, and to associate any benefits you may have with dependents.

There are three ways you can update this kind of information:
1. Contacting your Administrator and/or
2. Editing your personal info
3. Using an HR ActionClosedAn HR Action is essentially a shortcut to help you do something in Wurk; it typically covers all the information you need to submit in one place. Doing the same task without the HR action, by contrast, may call for you to navigate to several areas of Wurk and may not be as intuitive. Not only do HR Actions help you do things faster and with more accuracy, but they also push the request through a review and approval process and create a "paper trail" that is easy-to-follow paper/audit trail that shows effective dates when things became a reality). For example, the HR action for changing your benefits deductions directly alerts people in HR and management to review and approve, whereas sending them an email may be less trackable. Additionally, HR Actions have the following advantages: * You can report on the name of an HR action (e.g. how many employees switched from hourly to salary) * They show relationship, so when you process one, it guides you through everything that it affects * The effective date does not have to be today, whereas making the same changes manually, such as simply editing the employee information. becomes effective the moment you save changes. HR actions must be enabled by your administrator. If you do not see one documented in Wurk Help, it has not been set up or permissioned. (recommended, but must be enabled in Wurk by your administrator)
The HR Action method is the easiest way to add your primary contactClosedThe person HR will need to contact if they cannot reach you in the event of an emergency etc. Be sure to provide the most direct method for contacting this person, such as a mobile phone number.. Otherwise you will need to contact your manager or administrator to set this designation.


1.  To add or change Emergency Contacts, Beneficiaries, or Dependents by editing your personal info, navigate to My Info>My Information>My Profile>My Profile. Scroll down to the Account Contacts area. Here you can edit or add contacts.

2.  To add or change Primary or Emergency Contacts, Beneficiaries, or Dependents by HR Action, search for Update My Account Contacts or navigate to My Info>MyHR>HR Actions and click Start next to the Update My Account Contacts option. From here you can add a new contact or change an existing one.

If you added a Beneficiary, you will also need to update your benefits to link them together. You can add a new beneficiary during Open EnrollmentClosedThis is the designated period when you can add or change your benefits, which differs by state and employer. You may see prompts from Wurk when you first log in to alert you about these timeframes. or in the event of a Life ChangeClosedA life change is any major event that affects an employee's HR information, such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, disability, etc.. If you need more guidance, please contact your HR department.