Working with Your Direct Deposit Settings

If your company uses Direct Deposit (so your paycheck deposits directly into your bank account, you may be able to view, edit, and add your settings. You can see all these settings on one screen.

Making the Most of Wurk: Paperless Paydays (Using Direct Deposit)

We recommend "paperless paydays" as a best practice: to achieve paperless paydays, you should opt for Direct Deposit. This provides the following advantages over printed, mailed checks:

Advantages of Direct DepositClosedDirect Deposit is the process of transmitting funds into the employee's bank account. Using Wurk's fully insured banking solution, employees can count on this as the fastest, safest, and most direct method for getting paid. The old method of printing and mailing checks can cause delays in getting paid, takes more time to add to your bank account, and increases the chances of lost or stolen checks. Worse yet, it causes paper waste that is damaging to our precious environment. We strongly recommend that employees opt for "paperless paydays." If you do not yet have Direct Deposit enabled, please contact your Manager or Administrator. for Employees
Fastest method for depositing funds into your account
Reduces time required for checks to clear
Reduces chances of lost or stolen checks
No extra time spent visiting banks or ATMs to deposit checks
Payments can be divided automatically among designated employee accounts
Typically no cost for direct deposit; many banks even offer free checking if you use direct deposit

If you do not see options for Direct Deposit, your Administrator may need tocontact Wurk Support ( to have it enabled.



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